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Rafaela capitulo 87 amigos, Ver Rafaela capitulo 87, Rafaela capitulo 87 cual. Hi, lets talk about Rafaela capitulo 87. Its nice share since the capitulo has its own interest, most of audience wish to know about its story, and what the develop character among Mireya (Chantal Andere), Morelia (Diana Bracho), as well as Jose María (Jorge Poza). Then, read summary bellow and get the brief review about Rafaela capitulo 87. And thanks for televisa.esmas for the source. Get it Friends.The malicious strategy Mireya (Chantal Andere) has in mind to create, would be to be achieved gradually, and is steadfast in its choice to ruin the hospital. Rafaela (Scarlett Ortiz) has counted the hours, according to Mireya.

“Rafaela trust asks Angel (Ruben Zamora), he reflects on the matter. Ileana (Arleth Terán) Mireya tells Rafael (Rogelio Guerra) he sought to ask of the contributions of medical equipment purchased Mireya Ileana says he handed the USB where they came. Mireya Ileana angry and offended. Jose María (Jorge Poza) noted the report of Angel, in which he realizes that changed the dose, the diuretic had been discontinued and

I switched to an additional drug that created Angel put wrong. Amanda (Sheyla) talks to José María that he change the dose, José María was stunned.

Rafael sends for Morelia (Diana Bracho), to say that there's a patient could sue the hospital for medical malpractice, Morelia knows that this could result in ruin.

The patient suffered from medical negligence, an attorney receives from where you can sue the hospital. What will occur? Sue the hospital “Cumbres de San Rafael? Don't miss Rafaela capitulo 87 on 16:00 hours at the Canal de las Estrellas.” [translated from televisa.esmas]

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